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SurveyChili is an offering coming out from BizonCloud Consumer Engagement platform (CEP). With SurveyChili you can conduct surveys on smartphones and Tablets even when there is no connection available to the internet. The data is collected and stored, it can then be uploaded when you are connected to the internet again.

Mobile Surveys engage people at the point of experience to ensure that survey data collected are timely and accurate.

1) POS surveys to get customer feedback at point of sale experience.
2) Onsite surveys to gather prospect information at trade shows, customer satisfaction surveys after movies / shows / events or exit polls.

3) Post class/Training Evaluation for feedback on training sessions right after the session ends.

4) Personal mall intercept survey to be able to reach a large segment of the population.

5) Feedback / Survey through Mobile App : Customers can also provide feedback by downloading SurveyChili Mobile App.

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  • Ability to conduct live and splash events in an online or offline model.
  • Collate information real time and display as a dashboard.
  • Capture User Information and feedback at critical moments.
  • Large Scale User Information capture with no restriction on scalability.
  • Brand promotions and Marketing using social media with a truly engaging and novel platform.
  • Fully Customizable business flow, UI and can be easily customizable to various kind of engagement models.
  • Evaluation and 360 degree feedback mechanisms in schools and institutes.

Connect with the crowd and audience in a more casual but effective fashion with special emphasis on Social Media.
Value For Money.
We specialize in providing the technology platform for live quizzes, polling, game-shows, feedbacks & responses as well in below the line activities like market surveys, brand promotions etc.Some of the use-cases are illustrated below. Please se nd us your enquiries